Background Options for Pages
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When you set a background image on an element (e.g. a Container or the entire Visualization) the Background Options toggle will appear beneath it.

Click on it to unfold available options:


Set how the image will adjust its size in relation to its container element (aspect ratio will be always preserved, it won't be stretched):

  • Cover: The image will adjust itself to cover the entire area of the container, cropping out past its edges.

  • Contain: The image will scale to fit entirely in the container without cropping. Blank spaces or repetition may appear when image and container aspect ratios differ.

  • Auto: Uses the actual size of the image.


This option determines how the background image is repeated. The choices are:

  • Repeat: The background image will be repeated both horizontally and vertically throughout its container.

  • No repeat: The background image won't be repeated.

  • Repeat-x: The background image will repeat only horizontally.

  • Repeat-y: The background image will repeat only vertically.


This allows you to choose where the image will be anchored related to its container. Use both drop-downs to set the vertical and horizontal position.

We encourage you to play with these options until to get the desired result!

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