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Creating Comments Full Screen with auto transition
Creating Comments Full Screen with auto transition
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we are going to show how you can configure a Flowics Full-Screen Comments scene with an auto transition between posts in Viz Artist.


  1. Having installed the latest version of the middleware and connected to a Collection Middleware Source. Make sure you have selected "Others" as Integration Type.

2. Save the .dp file in C:\ProgramFiles\Vizrt\Viz3 comments.dp

3. Have installed the Vizrt data pool plugin set (version

4. Install K-Lite software which contains video codec. K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1720_Basic.exe

5. Install FFmpeg

6. Transcoding configuration in Middleware.

7. Vizrt scene, download moviz-and-vlc-solution.via.

8. It is important to have the latest version of middleware installed.

Transcoding the media

For the scene in Vizrt to adjust the length of the animation to the length of the audios and videos, we need to perform a transcoding and change the .ogg (audio) files to MP4. To do it we need to follow the following steps:

1. Download the following file. TranscodingVideo.txt

2. Change the format of the .txt file to .bat.

3. Paste it into the FFmpeg bin folder. Usually, located at C:Flowics\Documents\bin

4. Edit the TranscodingVideo.bat file, replacing the path line if necessary.

3. Download the following file BG.mp4 and copy it into the folder where the media is downloaded, specifically in the folder where the .ogg (audio) files are located, in version 5.01 of the Middleware the path is \media\v1\https\

4. Edit the env.xml file, which is located in the Middleware installation folder at \middleware-cli-5.0.1\webapp\WEB-INF

Inside the file in the TRANSCODING section, add the following command line:


If necessary, we modify the path to adjust it to the path of your installation.

The file should be like this:

Finally, we save the changes in the file and run the Middleware.

Integrating Flowics with Viz Artist

  1. Import the Flowics Comments Full-Screen-Video scene in Viz Artist.

  2. Open the scene.

  3. Take a look at the tree and plugins that compose the scene and make sure there are no missing plugins.

4.Check the configuration of the following elements:

  • Control Objects.

  • Disp_Data: DataReader and DataArray plugins.

Control Objects

On the feedUrl path enter the local XML path.

Disp_Data - DataReader

This plugin is going to read the data delivered from the XML, like comments, avatar, username, and handle. The DataReader must be configured as follows:

Disp_Data - DataArray

This plugin must be configured as follow:

  • Field Name: disp_post

  • Notify Only On Change: off

  • User Other Container: off

  • Use Conversion Table: off

  • Type: twitterpost_obj

Post with Audio and Video

Confirm that the MoViz plugin has the following settings.

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