Using Viz Flowics through NDI

An alternative way to integrate Viz Flowics in your current production workflow is using the Network Device Interface (NDI).

NDI allows you to communicate, deliver, and receive broadcast-quality video via IP using your existing gigabit local area networks using TCP.

Once you have ready your Flowics Cloud Graphics' output, run the Flowics NDI® Converter app. 

The PC where you are running the app must be connected to the same LAN Router Network where the Switcher / Mixer is connected, that way it will recieve the video signal in a NDI protocol. 

B) Alternative Workflow - OBS or vMix

Here is a step by step on how to integrate Flowics with NDI using the following Broadcast Softwares:

OBS: Integrating Graphics with OBS through NDI‍ 

vMix: Integrating Graphics with vMix through NDI

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