Setting the Project status

A Project can be set to Running or Stopped from the Project Home.

Running Project

Depending on your company's plan, there is a quota of Active Projects. This quota can be checked from the List of Projects screen (at the bottom), or from the Company Usage screen.


Stopped Project

Projects can be stopped in order to pause or archive them. Users can continue working inside a stopped project but there are some limitations:

Flows Users can configure a Flow and set it as running, but Flows will not collect any content.
Mechanics Users can configure a Mechanic and change its status. The Mechanic will behave as expected, but it will not collect any votes.
Pages Pages will continue working normally, users can publish new pages, edit existing ones and embed them. They will not display any changes.
Middleware Sources Users can configure a Middleware Source, but the output data will not be present.
Graphics Packages Users can create new Graphics Packages and work normally with the Graphics Editor. Users can also try from the Remote Control how everything works, but the final output will display a watermark.

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