Setting up a Poll for a Page

Use it to render into your digital properties the Poll Mechanic, allowing your audience to submit their participation.

Before setting up a web Poll Widget you should:

1. Create a Poll Mechanic.

2. Set up your Poll Mechanic.

3. Create a Web Page

4. Add the Poll Widget to your Page Canvas. To learn how to add Elements and Widgets to your Page, click here.

Poll Widget Properties

Elements Styles

These properties allow you to change the style of the Mechanic's title/question. 

Typography: pick the font from the list, add one from the google font catalog, or add your own custom font. For more information click here.

Background color: Change the background color of the title.

Margins: Set the top and bottom margins. This property affects the element itself and not only the title. 


Customize the style of your answers.

Style: Pick the style from the drop-down:

  • List: Use this layout to get voters to choose among the options list.

  • Image Buttons: Image represents the button for each option.

  • Buttons: Enable a series of buttons that will represent each option name through a button.

Spacing: Set the space between each option.

Click on media to expand it: Allows media content to be played on fullscreen.

When this toggle is turned off, allows media content to be played inline. Nevertheless, when using TikTok as media, a preview image will be displayed, and when clicking it, will always expand to a fullscreen modal to display the TikTok player.

Button Background: Set the BG color of the button.

Button Text Color: Set the color of the text of the button.

Background color: Customize the BG color of the card that contains each option.

Highlight color: Sets the color that is used to highlight the selected answer.

Button Radius: It defines the radius of the corners of the option images.

Decimals on result: Choose how many decimals you wish to display on the results of your poll

Space between buttons: Set in px the space between each option.

Show images: Enable it to display the images you added in the Mechanic for each option.

Thanks Message

Show Thanks message: Enable it to display a thank you message after submitting a vote.

Message: Set the thank you message.

Text color: Use it to set the text color of your thank you message.

Size: Specifies the size of the text.

Standby State

Customize the style of the Standby State. This state is prior to the beginning of the voting. Configure it to let your audience know that the action is about to begin.

Title: Encourage your audience to stick around and participate in the Mechanic.

Message: Let your audience know when the action will begin.

Text Color: Use it to set the text color.

Background Color: Customize the BG color.

Background Image: Set an image as a background instead of a solid color. 


Closed Poll text: Let your audience know that the mechanic is over and thanks them for participating.

Style: Set a simple text or add an image block for closing.

Size: Specifies the size of the text.

Spacing: Set the space between the question block and the answers.

Background Color: Customize the BG color.

Text Color: Use it to set the text color.

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