Checking your Company's Usage

To keep track of your subscription plan usage, you can access the Company Usage under the SETTINGS drop-down menu.

You will not only see the current month's information, you will also be able check the usage from previous months:

Monthly consumption

Your monthly consumption is measured by the number of total billable posts collected by the system. Your subscription plan has a monthly limit for them and, if this limit is exceeded, additional charges will apply.

From November 1st, 2018, only Twitter content is counted as billable posts, and therefore it is the only content limited by the monthly quota of your subscription plan. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp have an unlimited* quota from now on.

In addition, as content from other social networks doesn't count anymore as billable posts and the monthly posts limit from your plan remains the same, you will have some extra room to collect content from Twitter.

*Initially we are offering a limit of 1 Million posts for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp, free of any charge and subject to change without notice. Looking at our internal statistics, this limit is more than enough even for intense, highly engaging use cases.


We consider a post all Facebook, Instagram, YouTube posts (including comments to posts) and all Tweets (including ReTweets) that match your Flow Query. However, as we mentioned before, only Twitter posts count towards your monthly consumption. 


  • If you have two Flows collecting the same query (hashtag, keyword, etc.), when a post is collected by these Flows, the consumption increases by two (1 for each Flow).

  • If you reset a Flow, the Flow's statistics go to 0, but what the Flow has already collected is reflected in the monthly consumption.

  • If you set a language and/or location filter within the Flow, the Twitter posts discarded by these restrictions also count towards your monthly consumption.

Company Usage - Billable Posts (Exceeded)

EXCEEDED means that the total number of monthly posts that you have been assigned by contract has been overpassed. 

If you have exceeded the total billable posts allowed, please stop the Experiences and/or Flows you are not using and then contact your account executive because additional charges will apply. 


A pageview is counted each time your Page is displayed either embedded on your site or as a landing.

Company Usage - Pageviews

The data for total Billable Posts and Pageviews is refreshed every hour.

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