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Google Chrome Autoplay Policy
Google Chrome Autoplay Policy
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When outputting Flowics graphics on the main desktop or on an extended desktop running Chrome on the PC and that signal is the one exposed to the audience there is when you run the risk of showing social media posts with automatic playback muted (videos with no sound).

This behavior is caused due to Chrome's autoplay policy that effectively blocks the media autoplays unmuted (with sound). This means that with this policy enabled videos will autoplay always muted in google chrome.

Disabling Chrome's autoplay policy

Bear in mind

By integrating Flowics output to your stream using any Chrome Embedded Framework (CEF) system such as OBS, vMix, Grabyo, etc., you will not need to disable the autoplay policy, because these systems already have it disabled.

In case you need the videos to play themselves with sound, there is a way to bypass this policy. According your OS you should:


Open the terminal and execute the following command to open Chrome:

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required

After running that command a Google chrome window pops up. There, open the Flowics output and once you display a social media post with video, it autoplays with sound.

Sadly, the above setting will not “stick”. The moment Chrome is closed and reopened, it will revert back to the “selective autoplay” so you should do these steps every time you open Chrome.


Right-click on the Chrome desktop icon >> Properties >> Append chrome.exe --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required to the end of the Target field >> Apply and OK.

That’s it, starting Chrome with this shortcut won't require the user to play media manually.

For additional information read the official documentation Chrome's autoplay policy and Improving auto play in chrome.

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