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Docking Viz Flowics Remote Control into OBS
Docking Viz Flowics Remote Control into OBS
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If you are producing in OBS, and also need to control the graphics then you can add a custom dock for the Flowics remote control to have all the tools you need in the work area.

Bear in mind

This feature is available for Windows from OBS 24.0 and for MAC OS from OBS 27.0.0.

Adding the custom dock

1. In Flowics open the remote control of the graphics package you will be working with, and grab its URL

2. Paste the URL in a notepad or any other editor text and add this parameter at the end: #hidePreview

This parameter will hide the output of our graphic in the remote control interface and since we will be working in OBS it would not be necessary to have that reference in the remote.

Assuming that the graphic package had already been loaded in OBS, now we will only proceed to add the custom dock for the remote.

3. Go to the upper menu: View >> Docks >> Custom Browser Docks.

4. Name your Dock, e.g. Flowics Remote Control.

5. Paste the remote control URL (including the #hidePreview parameter)

6. Click on Apply.

7. The dock will appear in the middle of the screen, then close the Custom Browser Docks window.

8. Proceed to put the Dock in position, we take the window and move it to the desired position.

Once we bring it closer to the right or left ends or to the upper part, we will see a blue shadow that indicates the position in which it will be and release the window.

Finally we have our new Custom Dock for the Flowics Remote Control.

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