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Copying Mechanics, Pages and Packages
Copying Mechanics, Pages and Packages
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Flowics allows to copy Mechanics, Pages and Graphics to another Project from the current team, to another team, or to another company. Using this feature you will reduce the time you spend creating Pages, Graphics or building Mechanics.

Also useful if you have built a layout that want to use for a different show, you just need to copy the actual Page or Graphics set and send it to the Project you need.

How to copy Mechanics, Pages, and Graphics

Even though the steps for both are the same you will need to access their corresponding sections from the top menu bar:

A) For Pages: Go to Second screen > Pages

B) For Graphics: Go to Graphics > Packages

C) For Mechanics: Go to Second screen > Participations Mechanics

(1) Click on the 3 dots over the mechanic, page or graphics you want to copy

(2) From the drop-down click Papper plane icon and Copy to...

A pop up will appear for you to set the name of your copy and select the Project where you want to send the Mechanic/Page/Graphics.

By clicking on the Project field you can change the Project or the Company where the Mechanics, Page or Graphics will be copied.


For Mechanics, by default will appear closed, not connected to any item and without votes, but it will keep all the settings.

For Pages and Graphics, the elements keep the same customization styles in the original and the copy.

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