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Using Tags to create Outputs Profiles
Using Tags to create Outputs Profiles
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Tags are useful for identifying elements in your Graphics Package that you want to access later. For example, they can be used to create Output Profiles.

Adding Tags

  • Select any Node you want to tag.

  • Click on the tags section at the inspector, below the element name.

  • You can create a new tag by writing the name in the Input and pressing Enter.

  • You can choose an existing tag from the tags list. The tags displayed here are scoped to the current Graphics Package.

Tags Management

You can manage all the Tags used in your Graphics Package by clicking on Edit Tags button.

In this modal you will be able to add new tags, rename existing tags, and remove them. Also, you will be able to see how many elements are using the selected tag.

When you remove a tag from this modal, the tag will be removed from all nodes and Profiles that are using it.

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