Installing VLC plugin for Viz Artist

In this article you will find a step by step guide on how to install the VLC plug-in for Viz Artist to be able to render videos on your scenes.  

Download and Install VLC

  • The first thing you have to do is download the VLC installer for Windows from here.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, we proceed to install it with the default configuration.



  • Now you need to download the VLC plug-in installation file for Viz Artist.


  • Proceed with the plugin installation

  • At the time of installation you will see this box; we will have to carry it out at the end of the installation.

VLC Files

  • Go to this link and download the zip file.
  • Extract the files in a folder.
  • Go find the installation path of the Viz Artist.

Usually this is where you find those files:

In the root we have to copy the complete plugins and lua folders from the folder that we have just extracted.

Checking the Viz Artist

Once you have finished this process, run Viz Artist again and open a Flowics scene containing video media.

If the installation was successful, you will be able to see the plugin as follows:

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