Using the Conditional Visibility

The Conditional Visibility feature allows you to add conditions to your graphics to highlight, show, hide elements whenever a condition is met. 

Bear in mind

The Conditional Visibility is enabled for Elements that are part of a Widget or a Data Provider, so you would need to add the Elements to a Provider in order to enable the conditional visibility.

It is commonly used with Containers‍ and useful for showing different layouts for content coming with media, text or text and media; for showing the correct answer while working with Trivias; for showing a specific element while reaching a particular goal number or while working with a JSON, you can use it to show one specific data for example ‍while working with a weather forecast, displaying only the rainy days. 

Adding a Condition

  1. Click on the element you would like your condition to apply to. For example, a Container
  2. Enable the Conditional Visibility toggle on the inspector.
  3. Click on Add to add the conditions. The listed conditions may vary according to the selected item.
  4. Save.

Use Cases

Find here some use cases where you can apply the conditional visibility to highlight a correct answer or to display different layouts according to the type of data a social post has.

These are not the only use cases, you can use conditional visibility to many other situations so feel to try this feature in different dynamics than the ones we are going to show you


In this example, we will show you how to use Conditional Visibility to highlight the correct answer once a poll is closed. 


In this case, we will be showing how to set different layouts according to the type of data that social posts have. 

  • Only Text
  • Only Media
  • Text + Media

See that you can create different layouts depending on the post data


You can set a goal as a condition to show or hide an element or make appear an image of a sponsor once the goal is reached. 

You can apply a conditional visibility to the following elements:

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