Integrating Viz Flowics with TriCaster through LiveLink

You can integrate your Flowics graphics into your workflow with TriCaster through LiveLink. Once your graphics package is created, you need to get your Output URL and follow the next steps. 


  • Flowics output URL.
  • NDI Studio TC2.

In the NDI Studio TC2 (1) add a Buffer by clicking on Buffer (2) and then on the + sign.  

(3) In the Media Browser section at the bottom of the menu we add a Web Browser. (4) In the displayed window we add the URL of the Output of your graphic package.

 (5) Once the Web Browser is added you need to add the Buffer to an DSK

For further details watch the following video:


If you don't have Livelink support, you can integrate your Flowics graphics with TriCaster through the NDI workflow

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