Integrating Viz Flowics with Viz Vectar Plus

Integrating Flowics and Viz Vectar Plus is made possible through the Live Link support feature, allowing seamless communication between the two platforms.

Important Notice

Please be aware that the integration between Flowics and Viz Vectar Plus is compatible with Viz Vectar Plus version 1.3 or any subsequent versions. Kindly ensure that you are using Viz Vectar Plus 1.3 or a higher version to enable this integration successfully.



  • Flowics output URL.
  • Viz Vectar Plus V 1.3.

Setting up Viz Vectar Plus

1. Add a Buffer

2. In the Media Browser menu, click the Web Browser button to open an integrated browser.

3. Enter the web page (Flowics Output's URL) to assign to the specified buffer slot.

4. Click OK. It may take a few seconds for the thumbnail to update.

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