Adding Members to a Team

To add new or existing users to your team you need to access the teams section by going to SETTINGS and clicking on Teams.

When you are adding a member to your team, you can either search for an existing user in the company or add a new one by simply clicking on the Add member button:

Next, specify the user's email. If the user does not exist in our database, click on Add new member.

Once the Add new member box opens, you will be asked to complete the new user's first & last name and the email that will be used as a username to log into Flowics, apart from the assigned role and team which he/she will have access to.

Check out the available User roles in this article.

The invitee will receive an invitation email that he/she will have to accept by following the instructions in the email:

After clicking on Getting Started, please create your account by completing the information. In addition, you can choose the language you want to use in the platform.

Meanwhile, until the new user accepts the invitation, you will see it in the pending state. If the new user does not get the email, you can try re-sending the invitation by clicking on the Resend Invite button:

The new user will be redirected to his/her Profile page for completing the information and will be able to access all the Experiences the team and role assigned have access to.

If the user already exists, he/she will just receive an email informing about the invitation. The existing user will not need to accept the invitation to the team because he/she is already part of a team from the company. So by just logging into Flowics, he/she will be able to see all the Experiences associated. Take into account that even Managers will be able to search for existing users in the company even if they do not have access to other teams.

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