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Working with a Social Stats Provider
Working with a Social Stats Provider
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Use this Provider to get Statistics from a single Flow. It's useful to build graphics such as the Flock to Unlock‍ Widget or the Counter‍ Widget.

Before using a Social Stats Provider you should have created a Flow.

Remember, an Overlay will be created automatically if you didn't add it to Tree after adding the Provider.

To learn how to add elements to the Tree, click here‍.

In the case you are looking for a predefined graphic then we recommend, according to the use case, using the Counter‍ or Flock to Unlock‍ Widgets in any of their available layouts.

Working with a Social Stats Provider

1. Pick a Flow

You may only pick one Flow per Social Stats Provider

After adding the Social Stats Provider to the Tree (1), go to the Inspector and click on Pick a Flow (2). From the dialog you can select the Flow you want use (3).

Once you have picked the Flow, you can click on the gearwheel icon to edit the Flow or to moderate/curate its content from the Content Inbox clicking on Moderate Flow (4).

2. Configure the Flow behavior

Under BEHAVIOUR you can refine what you want to count from the Flow

Count Down

You can select to count the Total Posts or Total Authors (Unique Authors)


According to the Filters you have added to your Flow, here you will see enable the corresponding source. Use the toggle control to disable the source(s) you don't want to display in your graphics.

Time Range

You can choose between the available time ranges:

  • Since start tracking: Every post collected by the Flow will be counted.

  • Sliding window: this is useful to count only post from the last hour, last day, etc… you set it up once and it keeps updating taking into account the time 'window' you have set.

  • Exact range: You can configure an exact range of time and it will exclude posts that weren't sent during that time. This could be useful when you need to coordinate with shows and events than happen during a specific time.

Extra Count

Extra Count is a way of adding up a specific number to the total count. It could help while designing the Graphics at the Editor to check how it looks with bigger numbers.

It could also be exposed at the control remote to allow the operator to change the total count. To do so, enable the Show on Remote Control toggle.

It is specially helpful when you started tracking a Hashtag too late and you missed an important amount of posts.

3. Data Binding

From the Social Stats Provider you can bind the following Data:

  • Count

  • Flow Name

As usual, this can be used both for display and as a conditional visibility criteria.

4. Some examples of what you can build

Flock to Unlock


To set up a Flock to Unlock you need to add:

1. A Progress Bar‍ element below the Social Stats Provider

2. In the inspector, choose the Custom Values Mode

3. Bind it to the Flow count

4. Set the Maximum number as the goal to reach for your Flow

5. You may add a Lower Third Title‍ or any of our building blocks to design the layout of your choice

5. Remote Control & Live Operation.

During Live, the Remote Control can be used for:

  • Change the Flow being used to count

  • If you previously exposed the Extra Count from the Inspector, an operator can use the field to have more control over the total count.

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