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Integrating Viz Flowics with Cuez by TinkerList - Automator
Integrating Viz Flowics with Cuez by TinkerList - Automator
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This integration allows controlling Viz Flowics graphics within a rundown generated in Cuez. This is achieved through the Automator, which allows you to operate and manage the entire process in an automated manner.


  1. Viz Flowics output URL

  2. Cuez by TinkerList Automator v2023.06.08-0 or higher

Generating the token for your graphics package.

Learn how to generate the token of your graphics package here.

Adding a device in Cuez by TinkerList Automator.

To set up TinkerList Automator and establish a connection with your Viz Flowics graphics package, follow these steps:

  1. In the top-right corner of Automator, click on “Devices.”

  2. Select the "Add device" option.

  3. Within the Device type, select the option for Viz Flowics.

  4. Add a name to your device.

  5. In the Graphics Token field, enter the token of your Viz Flowics graphics package.

  6. Verify that the device you just added shows as "online."

Controlling Overlays - IN / OUT

Once you have configured the device, it is important to establish how to control the graphic within the rundown. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the three dots located to the left of the block containing your graphic.

  2. Select the "Configure automation" option.

To configure the input and output of the graphic, follow these steps within the "Triggers Configuration" section, specifically for the "Steps" option:

  1. Click on the "Add Step" button.

  2. Enter an identifier for the action you want to assign.

  3. Click on "Add Automation".

  4. Select the device of the graphic you want to use.

  5. In the "Do" function, select the action you want your graphic to perform (IN, OUT).

  6. In the "Set Overlay" option, select the overlay you want to control.

  7. Close the configuration window. The changes will be saved automatically.

Once you have configured everything, two buttons will be displayed that allows you to control the graphic directly from the rundown.

Text editing during a Live Production

To be able to use the function of editing text, it is important to generate an API identifier for the desired text since this identifier will be used in the configuration within the Automator. To learn how to add this identifier, click here.

To control a text, it is necessary to configure the block from the Automator by following the following steps, in this case, we will use the "On Cue" option:

  1. Select the "On Cue" option.

  2. Click on “Add Automation.”

  3. Select the Device you configured to connect to your graphics package.

  4. Select the "Update Control" option, which allows you to update the overlay information.

  5. Choose the Overlay in which you want to change the text.

  6. If you have one or more lines of text in your L3th, select the one you want to use (The text identifiers that you placed in Viz Flowics will be displayed).

  7. Select the block you want to use to control the text.

Once this is done, the titles placed in the block will be reflected in the graphic.

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