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Adding a WhatsApp Filter
Updated over a week ago

This filter allows you to collect WhatsApp messages from your account using the WhatsApp web app and the Flowics Chrome extension. With this filter, you can collect content and calculate metrics to display it in any digital environment.

Important: This is an experimental feature and we suggest not relying exclusively on it. As there is no official API yet, WhatsApp support may become unavailable at certain times, due to unannounced changes in WhatsApp Web interface, on which Flowics relies.

How to do add a WhatsApp Filter

  • Add the Filter to a new or existing Flow.

    • Within your Flow, go to Filters and click on +Add

  • Look for the Instagram Comments Stream in the list of available Filters. Add it to your Flow by clicking on +Add

Starting on November 1, 2018, all plans will have an unlimited* quota for monitoring content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Only Twitter content will remain limited to the monthly quota of your subscription plan.

*Initially, we are offering a limit of 1million posts for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp, free of any charge and subject to change without notice.

Now, it is time to configure the filter.

(1) WhatsApp Account: Here you will find a list of all the associated WhatsApp accounts. You just need to choose the one from which messages will be collected.

(2) Search Query: This feature is helpful to collect comments on a particular topic, hashtags, keywords, etc. Use it, for example, for polls, encouraging your audience to vote using the terms in the search query.

You also have the option to leave the search query field empty. If you do so, keep in mind that the Flow will collect all the messages you receive in your WhatsApp account.

(3) Ignored accounts: You may add the whatsapp accounts which you don't wish to be captured by the flow.

(4) Languages: Use it to collect or reject comments written in a particular language. By default, the filter collects content in any language.

Finally, give a name to your Flow on General Settings (1) and click on Save (2).

You already have your Flow configured to capture and filter content from your WhatsApp account. Remember that for this to work you must keep WhatsApp web open on the Google Chrome that has the Flowics Chrome extension installed.

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