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Filtering Overlays by tags
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, in a graphics package, you will have lots of overlays, making it hard to find what you need quickly. You can make things easier by filtering overlays based on tags assigned during the design process, this way, you only see the overlays you'll actually use for a specific show or production.

Here's how to show only the overlays you need when using the Viz Flowics plugin within an NCS:

  1. In the graphic editor, pick the overlays you want to see.

  2. Give each overlay a tag with a name that helps you recognize it.

3. Go to 'Mos Gateway' in the Settings tab.

4. Find 'NCS Settings'.

5. Check the box that says 'List only Overlays with specific tags'.

6. Enter the tag names for the overlays you want to show in the plugin, then save, you can add multiple tags, separating them with a comma (The tags you wish to add must be created in the graphical editor).

Now, only overlays with the tags you chose in the NCS Settings will appear in the Flowics Plugin.

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