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Timer Provider - Time Sync Between Two Devices
Timer Provider - Time Sync Between Two Devices
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Desynchronization can occur when operating from two different workstations.

When operating from two different points on different workstations using a Timer Provider, differences between the clocks of both stations may arise, provoking desynchronization between the station operating the control and the station where the Output is being utilized along with its time.

The discrepancy in displayed time between both machines arises from clock desynchronization. Therefore, both machines must maintain identical time settings.

To address the time desynchronization issue between devices, one effective approach involves leveraging the Digital Clock tool in both devices, If the time on both machines does not match, it should be manually adjusted on each device to ensure synchronization, to see the tool click here.

Following the synchronization of both devices, they must reflect identical time readings in their respective outputs.

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