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Working with a Clock Provider
Working with a Clock Provider
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Use this provider to display the current time at a given time zone. The Clock Provider does not need to be connected to an external source, just drop the Element in the Tree and a Text Element below it (as a child).

Let's build an example!

(1) Drop the Clock on your Graphics Tree.

(2) Configure the Time zone you are going to use.

Creating a Clock

(1) The clock data needs to be bound to a Text Element in order to be rendered.

(2) There are two kinds of elements you can bind to your Clock: Time and Fragments.

(2.1) "Time" counts the total time.

(2.2) The "Fragments" render only a portion of the total time. Fragments are useful to build more custom Clocks, giving more freedom for layout.

Input & Output

(1) Date and time information can come in several formats and you need to identify the format being used and configure it from the Input. By default, the Timezone is considered UTC.

(2) Output defines how the Date will be displayed. You can change the values here to select the final format you want to use. You can also configure the Timezone in which the Clock will be used.

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