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Google Spreadsheets Troubleshooting
Google Spreadsheets Troubleshooting
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we will review some potential issues that you may encounter while working with the Google Sheets Data Provider‍ while trying to synchronize data and the most common solutions for each of them.

When there is a synchronization problem, you will face this error message. Clicking on View Error Details will present more details about it.

Error 42709 - Sheet not found.

This error may pop up if you:

  • Renamed the connected Sheet

  • Deleted the connected Sheet

The Sheet name will be presented in the error details so you can check where the problem lies.

To solve it, you can change the sheet to its original name and sync again, or reconnect the spreadsheet with the new renamed sheet.

Unexpected Error

This error may pop up under the following situations:

  • The Spreadsheet permission changed: it may happen that somebody changed the file permissions at Google Drive. For the cases in which the File was accessed by URL, the first thing to check if it is still shared publicly at Google Drive.

  • For the case a social account was being used to access the Spreadsheet, it could happen that the Google social account was unlinked from your team. In this case, you won't see the account anymore in the modal. You will need to connect a Social Account with access to the file or share it publicly and add by URL.

  • Lastly, this error may be presented when the connected Spreadsheet has been deleted permanently from Google. There isn't a way to recover from this situation, so you may need to recreate the file.

If you are still unsure of how to proceed, you can contact us directly with a screenshot of the error details you're seeing.

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