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Integrating Viz Flowics with Arion SNEWS
Integrating Viz Flowics with Arion SNEWS
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This integration allows the connection of Arion SNEWS to Viz Flowics. The communication between SNEWS and Viz Flowics occurs via Control API facilitating the direct transmission of news and stories directly to the Viz Flowics Remote Control's Rundown interface for real-time on-air broadcasting.

For a seamless functioning of the Viz Flowics integration with Arion SNEWS, it is crucial that the graphic package has been crafted with Integration IDs assigned to the elements you intend to modify. Learn more about integration IDs here.


Before proceeding with the integration, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. Within your graphics package, assign integration IDs to the elements you will be controlling from SNEWS interface. Learn more about integration IDs here.

  2. The Graphic Package must be published in the Rundown Control format, Additional details are available here.

  3. Acquire the Graphic Package token. Learn how to obtain the token here.

Adding the Graphics Packages in SNEWS

  • Log in to the Arion portal: http://<ip>:<porta-plugin>/admin

  • Upload the shows you will use for the integration.

  • Link the Graphics Package to the desired show by clicking on the "Link" option.

  • Add the Graphic's token. Learn how to get the token here.

  • Once completed, your shows should be configured as shown below:

Using Viz Flowics Templates in a Rundown

Creating a Rundown

  • To add a Rundown:

1. Select the show where you wish to add the Rundown.

2. Click on the "Load" button to begin.

  • Add a story to Rundown:

3. After the Rundown is established, create a block.

4. Inside the block, add a story.

  • After creating the story, Double-click on the added story and choose (Add VO)

  • A window will appear on the right, displaying all the Overlays from the Graphic Package.

  • In this section, you'll edit template data. Modify the text fields in the Overlay template, the available text fields depend on the design of the Overlay.

  • After adding data to the Overlay, save the changes. After saving it you will be able to review the preview of the Graphics.

To generate Graphics within your Rundown Control playlist, ensure the history has the "Total" box activated. Once activated, Overlays will automatically appear in the playlist with the current date.

The the playlist can be identified by the icon next to them

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