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Moderating Content for Stats Widgets
Moderating Content for Stats Widgets
Updated over a week ago

You can moderate some special stats Widgets that are not affected by automatic curation or Flow's manual moderation. There is, however, a set of Widgets that, instead of just showing summarized numbers, they display User Generated Content as well. This content might require manual moderation (this choice is up to you).

The Widget set is composed of:

  • Top Tweets

  • Top Authors

  • Wordcloud

To moderate these Widgets, follow the steps below:

  • Unfold the SECOND SCREEN menu from the top bar and select Widgets Moderation.

  • Choose the Widgets you need to moderate.

  • You will see the list of Widgets that you can moderate within the Visualization. Choose the one you want to moderate from the drop-down menu.

  • Depending on the Widget you are moderating, reject the words, authors and/or posts.

  • Close the window.

There is a limited amount of tweets, authors, and words that you can accept or reject:

Word cloud: 100 words

Top tweets: 100 tweets

Top Authors: 30 authors

Rejecting a word, tweet or author does not mean they will be removed because this will affect the statistics.

When there is a tie between two or more authors, words or tweets, they are sorted according to the most recently created post.‍

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