Setting up a Twitter Public Stream

Use this filter to collect all public content based on keywords, literal phrases, hashtags, or user accounts from Twitter.  

All Twitter Filters collect Content & Stats. 

Bear in mind

The use of Twitter Filters in Flows consumes your Monthly Quota of Tweets, which you can check in your Company UsageRemember, you can use the Discover Content section for quick searches about what is happening in a big volume conversation or trending topics.


(1) Use the search query field to define the terms (hashtags, keywords, etc) you want to collect from Twitter. 

An example would be:

  • "( (Messi AND Maradona) OR (Pele AND Neymar) )": This query will collect all Tweets containing only both Messi and Maradona keywords or only both Pele and Neymar keywords.

Also, this Filter supports:

  • (2) User accounts exclusions 
  • (3) Language filtering 
  • (4) Locations
  • (5) and Re-Tweets filtering.

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